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4th-6th Grade

4th-6th Courses



Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

We're takin' it into OVERTIME! Step up your tap "game" with this fast-paced, 8-week training program sure to push you right to the very end. Each class will build upon the exercises and choreography finishing off with an overtime round. 

Full Out 90 - Welcome

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

Commit to 90 days of dance, conditioning, strength training and more, all tailored to your age & ability. Designed to gradually build on your skills, we will cover all styles of dance, infused with strength, fitness and flexibility. So now the only question is, do YOU have what it takes to go FULL OUT?!

Turbo Tap Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

SUPERCHARGE THOSE TAPS! Stay light on your toes and then pound the's time to test your tap skills and push them to new limits! Once you start, your feet won't stop moving in this workshop focused on improving your technique through new combos each day, adding harder tricks & more intricate rhythms along the way. You're sure to finish the week with fantastic feet.

Ballet Boot Header.png

"ROND" UP THE TROOPS! Slippers? Check. Bun? Check. Leotard & tights? Check check. You're ready to hunker down & hone your skills in this fast-paced advanced master class that includes "not your basic ballet barre", challenging floor work and the most graceful combos. By the end of our intensive you'll be a ballet boss growing by leaps & turns.

Just Jazz Header.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

BRING YOUR ATTITUDE A-GAME! We want to see your sass & pizzazz as we dive into various styles of jazz. This workshop will have you mastering smooth moves and quick flicks, high leaps and low know, all that jazz.

Acro Arts Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

YOU'RE GOING TO FLIP! This week of Acro Arts for advanced acro-ers will bring you lots of flips but no flops! Combine skills you've mastered by learning new tricks and ways to safely push your limits. We'll focus on flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling come ready to hit the mats to your max!

Crash Course Contempo Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

COME READY TO COMBO! This week will push you to pick up choreography quickly while exploring Contemporary dance. Haven't had much practice with Contemporary? No problem! We'll build on the ballet you've been working on already. Be sure to warm up ahead of time so you're ready to crash into Contemporary!

Total Turns Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

PREP, TURN, SPOT! This week will challenge your turning repertoire and take you to the next level! From strength to placement, spotting to rotations, you'll be spinning like a top by the end of Total Turns!

Legs, Lines + Leaps Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

UP, UP & AWAY! Create gorgeous lines from fingers to toes, and leap across the floor with the greatest of ease! We'll build on the tried & true positions and leaps that you've mastered, challenging you with more difficult lines and not-your-average leaps. You'll be catching lots of air, so find a nice open area to spread your wings!

Train Like a Champion.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

TO BE THE BEST, LEARN FROM THE BEST. Take your tap training to the next level by working through a mix of technique, tricks & combos. This workshop is the perfect way to grow & challenge yourself to take on new skills & rhythms, with instruction from a World Champion!

I Love Lyric Thumbnail.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

MOVEMENT, MUSICALITY & EMOTION! Do you <3 Lyric? We do! And by the end of this week, you'll be more confident in it too. You've gone through the motions of Lyric many times it's time to focus on tapping into your emotions through graceful movement, understanding musicality and bringing to life every beat of a song. Get ready to listen to the music & let your style shine!

Hard Core Hip Hop Header.png

Boys & Girls  |  Ages 7-18 Years Old

LET'S GET IT PUMPING! If you want to learn the hottest Hip Hop styles and have a ton of fun while doing it...get ready for this workshop! Bring your highest energy, coolest moves and a little bit of attitude. You'll be ready to take the stage as a back-up dancer, as long as you BRING IT.

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